The Edwin

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The feeling of comfort and complete relaxation when your head hits the pillow once you check into your room at a luxury hotel is one of pure bliss. Ever stayed at The Edwin Hotel here in Chattanooga? We are proud to have been given the privilege of designing and outfitting every room in the Edwin. Crafting the luxurious feeling starts off with the foam encased innerspring coil system allowing for maximal sleeping surface without the edge collapse that is common with a traditional innerspring mattress. Using high density firm foam as the initial layer adds a supportive element to create a stable surface for the softness inside the pillow top as well as the quilted top. Inside of the pillow top is a layer of high-density soft foam to build the luxurious feel that accompanies the quilted top. Our Luxury For Life collection is hand crafted to provide an ultra-premium sleep experience you only thought you could have while staying at a high end resort.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Offset Spring Technology
    • This spring system is meant to be more body contouring and pressure relieving than your typical flat and firm innerspring system. We use our 644 foam encased offset spring systems.
    • Our 644 offset spring system has high density 3” foam encasement around the entire innerspring.  In other words we make the entire edge of the mattress more supportive so you can sleep on the entire surface of the mattress and will have optimal edge support.
    • Each spring is turned so they face each other. And the top and bottom turns of the spring are flattened on opposite sides to allow for better hinging action. They have helical wires but transfer less motion and are more conforming and pressure relieving than typical wire tied spring systems. This spring system is supportive, durable and pressure relieving. 
  • Two sided technology
    • We make several of these mattresses with the exact same innerspring and heavy duty layers of padding exactly like we did 20 years ago.
    • We do not use any memory foam or specialty foams and fibers in these, but we do use heavy duty layers of mattress padding and premium innersprings for durability and support.
  • Memory Foam Quilting
    • We use uniquely designed memory foam that is very dense and durable, yet plush enough to be quilted. 
    • Not only is it very durable but this type of quilting adds a unique feel that provides extra cushion and added pressure relief right on top of the mattress. 
  • Foam Encasement
    • We use a high density foam rail around the entirety of the innerspring for extra edge support. 
    • The extra edge support allows for the entirety of the sleeping surface to be used. 
  • High density layers of padding. 
    • All mattresses have differing types of foams to provide certain feels. This is what makes a firm bed firm and what makes a soft bed soft. These layers are for your comfort and support.
    • Whether it’s our super soft or extra firm layers of padding, we only use high quality, high density foam padding.
    • The more dense foam is the more durable it typically is. Our foam is heavy but that’s a good thing. We use heavier foams than most major name brands so our foam compacts less over a period of time and remains supportive for many years to come.


  • 2” memory foam quilted cover
  • 1.25” super soft foam in the pillow top
  • Pillow top gusset
  • 1” high density extra firm foam
  • Heavy duty insulator pad
  • 644 LFK offset innerspring
  • 3” foam encasement around the entire innerspring for added edge support
  • Heavy duty insulator pad 
  • 1” high density extra firm foam
  • Pillow top gusset
  • 1.25” super soft foam in the pillow top
  • 2” memory foam quilted cover
  • 20 year warranty


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