Lindsey Line 8" Memory Foam

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We noticed the rise in popularity of the “bed in a box” a few years ago but knew we could make a better product at a better price than the popular brands on the market. Our Lindsey Line 8” provides a plush feel by using a high-density core to build the layers of comfort on. Using 1” of high-density soft foam as a transition from the core unit set up the 1.75” of our industry leading of gel memory foam provide adds optimal temperature regulation as well as comfort and pressure relief expected with a premium mattress. The LL8 is a great value for those looking to enter the memory foam mattress market or add an upgraded feel to your kids or guest rooms without stepping into the high-end market of memory foam bedding.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Gel Memory Foam
    • Gel memory foam is the mix of gel (like what is found in premium shoe inserts for cushioning and support) and high density plant based memory foam. We mix the two compounds together in their liquid form and bake them out to make Gel memory foam. 
    • Gel memory foam helps to alleviate pressure by cradling your body instead of pushing against your body for superior pressure relief.
    • It’s also a more buoyant sleeping  surface which allows you to move more easily in (without that “stuck” feeling) and adds overall support for your body
    • Gel memory foam absorbs excess body heat and disperses it which allows you to sleep at the optimal sleeping temperature. 
  • High Density Layers of Padding
    • All mattresses have differing types of foams to provide certain feels. This is what makes a firm bed firm and what makes a soft bed soft. These layers are for your comfort and support.
    • Whether it’s our super soft or extra firm layers of padding, we only use high quality, high density foam padding.
    • The more dense foam is the more durable it typically is. Our foam is heavy but that’s a good thing. We use heavier foams than most major name brands so our foam compacts less over a period of time and remains supportive for many years to come.


  • 5” foam core
  • 1.25” super soft foam
  • 1.75” Gel memory foam
  • 5 year warranty

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