iCool Hybrid

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When evaluating our iCool series we knew there was a gap, but we were just unable to figure out exactly what it was. After much Research & Development we created the new iCool Hybrid combining the best of the technologies available to us. This plush hybrid smooth top mattress is a unique blend of gel memory foam along with our ultra-supportive quantum edge pocketed coil unit. By using this specific coil unit, we’re able to provide the support and durability of a traditional innerspring coil system with the world class do not disturb technology that comes with an individually wrapped pocketed coil unit.  To provide the plush feel we are introducing a new foam type of foam; this 1.5” of Serene will provide ample support and pressure relief in addition to dissipating heat at a faster rate due to the advanced Supportive Air Technology that is used in the development of this foam. By layering the serene underneath 2.75” of gel memory foam we can add more temperature regulation, pressure relief, and the comfort one expects with a luxury product. The final element in crafting this collection is the temperature regulating fabric which is designed to pull moisture away from the body creating a more sanitary sleeping environment while still being a very breathable fabric that is cool to the touch allowing you to reach an optimal sleeping temperature. The combination of over 4” of memory foam along with the pocketed coil system will provide the ultimate luxurious sleep experience.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Temperature regulating fabric
    • Fabric that is designed to wick away excess moisture creating a more sanitary and healthier sleeping environment.
    • Nanoporous fabric that has extreme breathability which stays cool to the touch and helps to get you to the optimal sleeping temperature. This doesn’t make you sleep cold but helps your body to get to the right sleeping temperature needed to reach the most recuperative stages of sleep.
  • Gel memory foam
    • Gel memory foam is the mix of gel (like what is found in premium shoe inserts for cushioning and support) and high density plant based memory foam. We mix the two compounds together in their liquid form and bake them out to make Gel memory foam. 
    • Gel memory foam helps to alleviate pressure by cradling your body instead of pushing against your body for superior pressure relief.
    • It’s also a more buoyant sleeping  surface which allows you to move more easily in (without that “stuck” feeling) and adds overall support for your body
    • Gel memory foam absorbs excess body heat and disperses it which allows you to sleep at the optimal sleeping temperature. 
  • Pocketed Coil Technology
    • Individually pocketed spring that act independently of each other and are not linked together with a helical wire to create a sleep surface that not only provides individualized comfort but increased pressure relief and conformability. 
    • Individually pocketed spring systems provide the least amount of motion transference of any "spring" mattress. 
    • Glued on insulator pad that keeps the springs from migrating and "leaking" down into the foundation. 


    • Quantam Edge Technology for Superior Edge Support
    • 789 Individually Pocketed Steel Coil
    • 1.5" Serene Memory Foam
    • 2.75" Gel Memory Foam
    • Temperature regulating fabric 
    • 20 year warranty

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