iCool 1100

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When most people initially think foam mattresses the main concerns are will it be too hot and will it be comfortable; this is why the team at MurMaid spent the last few months of 2022 creating an all new line up for our iCool collection. For those who are looking for a nice firm yet comfortable option then the iCool 1100 is your gateway to a good nights rest. The foundation on all our iCool collection is an industry leading core unit that consist of 7” of high-density furniture grade support foam which we then wrap in added support foam creating a unit that provides a more complete area of use while you sleep so you’ll never worry about the edge compressing leading to you on the floor unexpectedly. For this firm offering we layer 1” of high-density firm foam on top of the core unit to give the feel you are expecting followed by 2.75” of a gel memory foam to provide optimal temperature regulation as well as comfort and pressure relief expected with a premium mattress. The final element in crafting this collection is the temperature regulating fabric which is designed to pull moisture away from the body creating a more sanitary sleeping environment while still being a very breathable fabric that is cool to the touch allowing you to reach an optimal sleeping temperature. Our Firm offering in the iCool collection is one that you will fall in love with the second you kick your feet up.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Temperature regulating fabric
    • Fabric that is designed to wick away excess moisture creating a more sanitary and healthier sleeping environment.
    • Nanoporous fabric that has extreme breathability which stays cool to the touch and helps to get you to the optimal sleeping temperature. This doesn’t make you sleep cold but helps your body to get to the right sleeping temperature needed to reach the most recuperative stages of sleep.
  • Gel memory foam
    • Gel memory foam is the mix of gel (like what is found in premium shoe inserts for cushioning and support) and high density plant based memory foam. We mix the two compounds together in their liquid form and bake them out to make Gel memory foam. 
    • Gel memory foam helps to alleviate pressure by cradling your body instead of pushing against your body for superior pressure relief.
    • It’s also a more buoyant sleeping  surface which allows you to move more easily in (without that “stuck” feeling) and adds overall support for your body
    • Gel memory foam absorbs excess body heat and disperses it which allows you to sleep at the optimal sleeping temperature. 
  • Furniture grade support core
    • All foam mattresses must have a primary support core and we use a high density furniture grade support core in all of our foam icool products. This is what holds your body upright and supports your spine.
    • Our foam support core has 3” high density foam encasement all the way around the mattress. In other words we make the entire edge of the mattress more supportive so you can sleep on the entire surface of the mattress and will have optimal edge support.
    • We use high density furniture grade foam. This isn’t your every day foam that you find in any foam mattress. It’s heavy, which is a good thing. It’s denser, so it will breakdown less over time.
    • It’s also more resilient and more supportive. We tested many types of foam and found this grade of foam to be the perfect combination of support and durability.


  • 7” furniture grade foam core
  • 3” high density foam encasement around the foam core
  • 1” high density extra firm support foam 
  • 2.75”Gel memory foam
  • Temperature regulating fabric 
  • 20 year warranty

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