Ultra plush, over 3,500 springs, gel memory foam in the quilting, micro coils, nano coils, Tempur-Pedic type foam, this bed has all but the kitchen sink. The Reserve 2 is made to be one of the most luxurious Stearns & Foster beds ever made. Which is no small feat!

Stearns and Foster is a 165-year-old brand that is made in its own special section in the Sealy plant. It’s a very recognizable brand that is known for durability, being a good old fashioned mattress with today’s pressure relieving and cooling technology and long-lasting comfort. Each mattress is handled by only certified craftsman during its construction and then when completed each mattress is signed by the craftsman that built the mattress. It takes twice as long to build a Stearns and Foster Mattress than a traditional mattress.

Features and benefits:

Hand Crafted

  • Only certified Stearns and Foster’s craftsmen are allowed to build Stearns and Foster mattresses.
  • Built mostly by hand using the least amount of automation as possible to ensure ultimate quality.
  • It takes twice as long to build a Stearns and Foster Mattress than a traditional mattress.

Stearns and Foster Exclusive Intellicoil Twice Tempered Titanium Alloyed Pocketed Spring System

  • Titanium is a much more durable and stronger metal alloy than steel for added durability.
  • Twice tempered to make each spring “remember” its shape making it much more durable than most spring systems.
  • Pocketed coils for less motion transference, more body contouring, and individual comfort.

Intellicoil Technology

  • Coil-inside-coil for twice as much strength and durability in each encased coil.
  • Body contouring spring on the outside for pressure relief pressing into the shorter “inside” coil for added support.

Precision edge system

  • Innovative system of miniature micro coils stacked on top of each other all the way around the edges for a supportive edge and creating a larger sleep surface.
  • By using stacked steel micro coils all the way around the mattress instead of a 3” foam encasement (rail), more of the mattress can be used as the sleeping surface will retain its comfort from edge to edge.
  • Offers better support and durability than the traditional foam encased edge.
  • Improved air flow and breathability.
  • Added flexibility on an adjustable bed.

Prima Core support layers

  • Support layers are furniture grade high-density foam layers for added durability and long-lasting comfort.
  • Creates a uniform feel and helps keep your mattress feeling new year after year.
  • Infused with gel for added pressure relief, buoyancy, durability and temperature regulation.

Prima sense Gel foam technology

  • All layers of mattress padding are infused with gel for added pressure relief, buoyancy, durability and temperature regulation.

Advanced Adapt Foam

  • Exclusive formula (made like Tempurpedic Adapt foam) foam that combines more adaptive comfort with substantial durability.
  • The slower response provides indulgent comfort, while the faster recovery delivers better ease of movement.

Pillow Top Support Layer (600 stretch Micro coils)

  • Innovative layer that uses innovative micro coils to add durable support for the pillow top.
  • Replacing a traditional foam layer, it delivers better conforming support and years of no­-sag comfort.

Nano Comfort Layer (2000 stretch Micro coils)

  • Innovative mattress top design delivers precise support, superior adaptiveness and light­as­air comfort that feels like nothing else.
  • Specially engineered Nano Comfort Layer places thousands of nano coils between layers of memory foam for durable and conforming support, without the eventual sag of a traditional pillowtop.

Hand Tufting

  • Superior finishing technique accentuated by Italian tufts (from top of quilting through the mattress and out the bottom of the mattress).
  • Keeps all layers of springs and padding pulled tight to provide continued comfort and longevity.

Handles and air vents

  • Air vents help with air circulation and allow the mattress to “breathe”.
  • Handles are helpful in allowing the mattress to be adjusted on the box springs and for better maneuverability.

Silk and wool fiber flame guard

  • Uses fewer chemicals than most other flame retardant barriers used in mattresses.
  • It’s a much more natural way to make their beds flame retardant.

Prima Cool Performance Fabric

  • High­loft, a double stretch­knit fabric made with TENCEL®, an eco­friendly fiber used in athletic wear for its moisture­wicking, cooling and breathable properties.
  • High­performing design is more durable, with a softer hand and less pilling.
  • Added silk and cashmere threads for even more softness.


  • Stearns and Foster exclusive Intellicoil twice tempered titanium encased pocketed coil
  • 3584 coils with coil-in-coil technology (Intellicoil)
  • Precision edge System
  • .5” prima core gel-infused foam
  • 600 stretch micro coil support layer (spring)
  • 1” prima sense super soft gel-infused foam
  • Pillow top gusset
  • 6cm Advanced Adapt foam (Tempurpedic type foam) in the pillow top
  • 1” prima sense gel-infused foam in the quilting
  • 2000 stretch nano micro coil system in quilting (Nano comfort layer)
  • 1” Prima Sense Gel infused memory foam in quilting
  • Hand Tufted from top to bottom of mattress
  • High loft double stretch knit fabric made with TENCEL
  • Silk and cashmere threads added to fabric
  • Flame guard stretch material
  • Ventilated bands with handles and air vents
  • Handcrafted in Atlanta Georgia by only the longest tenured mattress craftsmen in the Sealy plant
  • Hybrid Pillowtop
  • 10-year non-prorated warranty