This unique feeling mattress is one of our best sellers and although it is listed as plush, it still feels quite supportive. It has phase change material in the fabric on top of the comfort layers and infused into the comfort layers. 

iComfort is Serta's exclusive gel memory foam mattresses. They were the first in the industry to make a mattress featuring gel infused memory foam. These newly redesigned models go back to the way the original models were with lots of support, comfort and new, innovative cooling.

Serta is the only brand to feature two different types of gel in their mattresses, one type for added support and the other type of gel infused into the memory foam for added temperature regulation.

Always the innovators, Serta even uses Phase Change material on some of their comfort layers (not just the infused gel) and in some of their fabrics giving them a cool to the touch feel.

Serta also uses Evercool gel memory foam which is the only gel memory foam material used in bedding that does not react in some way to body heat, humidity or outside temperature. The pressure relieving properties never change no matter what the temperature is hence the name Evercool.

Features and benefits:

Ultimate Edge Support Core

  • 6-7 inch support layer of foam
  • Foam encased for extra edge support
  • Increased sleeping surface through foam encasement

Temp Activ Max Gel Memory Foam

  • Featuring 2 different types of gel infused into premium, breathable memory foam for both temperature regulation (cooling) and for added overall support.
  • The advanced thermal management system in the gel beads dissipates excess heat to help sleep at a comfortable temperature.
  • Millions of gel beads gather under the areas that need the more support providing added overall support.

Gel Memory Foam That is Designed to Intelligently Respond to Your Body in 3 Ways:

  • Helps relieve pressure points for increased comfort.
  • Provides added support to help with body alignment.
  • Aids in temperature regulation while you sleep.

Temp Activ Max Gel Memory Foam

  • Ventilated gel memory foam infused right at the sleeping surface to provide cooling, cradling, comfort, and support.
  • Phase change material that is cool to the touch.
  • Advanced thermal management system in the gel dissipates excess heat to help sleep at the optimal sleeping temperature
  • Concentrated between the shoulders and hips where the body needs the most temperature regulation and where the most contact is made to the mattress.

Everfeel Technology

  • Exclusive technology helps the advanced memory foam to remain comfortable and retain its normal feel regardless of temperature or humidity.
  • Works by broadening the temperature and humidity range where the materials consistently retain their natural feel.

Temp Active Touch Fabric

  • An additional layer of Temp Activ technology (phase change) is infused directly into the soft, flexible, breathable mattress fabric to provide cool to the touch mattress fabric.
  • Provides greater overall temperature regulation

Air Suspension Technology

  • Perfectly balances extreme airflow with deep down support.
  • Designed to give a unique cushioning, floating feeling with reinforced edges to help prevent sagging or edge roll-off.

Active Balance Support Foam

  • Gel-infused support foam that provides extra support with gel.
  • Uniquely designed sleep surface that provides enhanced airflow to help dissipate heat while providing added support.



  • 7″ ultimate edge foam support core
  • Foam encasement around the entire foam core
  • 2″ Active Balance Support foam
  • 3″ Evercool Supreme Memory foam
  • 1″ TempActiv Max Gel Memory foam
  • Premium zippered cover
  • 10-year warranty