The Murmaid L&K Mattress introduces a new standard of comfort from the award-winning manufacturer.

We’ve combined the personal comfort of a memory foam with the support and durability of an advanced spring mattress. The L&K line is built on a coil system, but it’s not your typical spring mattress. Our pocketed coil technology creates a sleeping surface where springs act independently, isolating movement while still offering increased pressure relief and a custom feel.

The L&K Line also offers Quantum Edge Technology, which creates a larger sleeping surface by maintaining an even surface to the very edge of the bed. And our very own Memory Gel is a mix of high-density memory foam and memory gel (similar to what you’d find in a premium running shoe).

We finish off the process with a quilted memory foam for a better feel and high-density padding to make sure your bed will last for years. And the four handles make it easier to adjust on the box spring.

The L&K 200 adds a pillow top with 3″ of memory gel plus a 2″ quilted memory foam cover.

  • Heavy duty insulator spring cover
  • 800 individually pocketed steel coils (tempered with heat and/or electricity)
  • Quantum edge technology
  • 1.5”high-density extra firm support foam under the gusset
  • Pillow top gusset
  • 3” memory gel in the pillow top
  • 2” quilted premium memory foam cover
  • 20-year warranty