When we had a contest asking our previous customers to send us pictures of their oldest Lindsey Line mattress they were still sleeping on we received picture after picture of two-sided Lindsey Line mattresses that customers bought over 20 years ago. So we decided to reintroduce premium two-sided beds like we made 20 plus years ago and they have been a huge hit.

We make these the old fashioned way with a heavy duty innerspring and high-density layers of padding for support, comfort, and durability. You want a great mattress made like they used to be made then you will want a two-sided Lindsey line!

Features and benefits:

Two-sided Technology
These are mattresses made the old fashion way, with heavy duty springs and padding on both sides so you can flip your mattress if you want to.

  • We make several of these mattresses with the exact same innerspring and heavy-duty layers of padding exactly like we did 20 years ago.
  • We don’t put any memory foam or specialty foams and fibers in these, but we do use heavy duty layers of mattress padding and a premium innerspring for durability and support.

448 Heavy Duty Innerspring
Tried and true, this spring system is a tank. We use this in the Tennessee Pillow-Top, Lindsey Line Original Firm, and Lindsey Line Original Pillow-Top.

  • This spring carries a much thicker gauge of wire than your typical innerspring adding to its supportiveness and durability.
  • This spring is 1 inch shorter than your typical (5″ versus 6″) with the same number of turns. A turn is the rotation of the innerspring which means each coil in this innerspring unit is wound tighter and is more compact leading to greater strength and durability.

Offset Spring Technology
This spring system is meant to be more body contouring and pressure relieving than your typical flat and firm innerspring systems. We use our 644 foam encased offset spring systems in the Chickamauga Pillow-Top, Chickamauga Firm, and the Chickamauga Plush.

  • Our 644 offset spring system has high density 3″ foam encasement around the entire innerspring. This makes the entire edge of the mattress more supportive to sleep on and gives it optimal edge support.
  • Each spring is turned so they face each other. And the top and bottom turn of the spring is flattened on opposite sides to allow for better hinging action. They have helical wires but transfer less motion and are more conforming and pressure relieving than typical wire tied spring systems. This spring system is supportive, durable and pressure relieving.

High-Density Layers of Padding
All mattresses have different types of foams to provide certain feels. This is what makes a firm bed firm and what makes a soft bed soft. These layers are for your comfort and support.

  • We only use high-density layers of padding. Whether it’s our super soft or extra firm layers of padding, we only use high quality, high-density foam padding.
  • The denser the foam is, the more durable it typically is. Our premium foam is heavy, which is a good thing. We use heavier foam than most major name brands so our foam compacts less over a period of time and remain supportive for many years to come.

• 1″ plush quilted cover
• 1″high-density extra plush foam in the pillow-top
• Pillow-top gusset
•  1/2 high-density medium firm padding
• 20-year warranty