Made exactly like we did 25 years ago with high-density padding and an ultra firm heavy duty innerspring this mattress provides a very traditional firm feel.

We held a contest a while back asking customers to send us pictures of their oldest Murmaid made mattresses in their home and we got so many pictures of our Lindsey Line two-sided mattresses that we decided to make a line of mattresses just like we did 20 years ago with heavy duty innerspring, heavy duty dense foams and fibers and mattresses that can be flipped. Our Lindsey Line two-sided mattresses provide a lot of value but are unique as no other major brand name offers two-sided beds.

Features and benefits:

Two-sided Technology

These are mattresses made the old fashion way, with heavy duty springs and padding on both sides so you can flip your mattress if you want to.

  • We make several of these mattresses with the exact same innerspring and heavy-duty layers of padding exactly like we did 20 years ago.
  • We don’t put any memory foam or specialty foams and fibers in these, but we do use heavy duty layers of mattress padding and a premium innerspring for durability and support.


448 Heavy Duty Innerspring

Tried and true, this spring system is a tank. We use this in the Tennessee Pillow-Top, Lindsey Line Original Firm, and Lindsey Line Original Pillow-Top.

  • This spring carries a much thicker gauge of wire than your typical innerspring adding to its supportiveness and durability.
  • This spring is 1 inch shorter than your typical (5″ versus 6″) with the same number of turns. A turn is the rotation of the innerspring which means each coil in this innerspring unit is wound tighter and is more compact leading to greater strength and durability.


High-Density Layers of Padding

All mattresses have different types of foams to provide certain feels. This is what makes a firm bed firm and what makes a soft bed soft. These layers are for your comfort and support.

  • We only use high-density layers of padding. Whether it’s our super soft or extra firm layers of padding, we only use high quality, high-density foam padding.
  • The denser the foam is, the more durable it typically is. Our premium foam is heavy, which is a good thing. We use heavier foam than most major name brands so our foam compacts less over a period of time and remain supportive for many years to come.


  • 1” firm quilted cover
  • 1”high-density medium firm padding
  • Heavy duty insulator pad
  • 448 heavy duty innerspring
  • Heavy duty insulator pad
  • 1”high-density medium firm padding
  • 1” firm quilted cover
  • 20-year warranty