Here you get lots of bang for your buck!! Between the Lookout Firm, Lookout Pillow Top and the Ocoee this is the plushest and thickest of the three but it still feels very supportive and has all the features and benefits of the “do not disturb” 682 pocketed coil innerspring.

Named after the owner’s oldest daughter (Lindsey), this collection of mattresses has one of our best sellers for over 20 years. These are tried and true premium mattresses but at a very reasonable price. Here you get the true benefits of buying straight from the factory.

More features and benefits:

Pocketed coil technology

  • Individually pocketed spring that act independently of each other and are not linked together with a helical wire to create a sleep surface that not only provides individualized comfort but increased pressure relief and conformability.
  • Individually pocketed spring systems provide the least amount of motion transference of any “spring” mattress
  • Glued on insulator pad that keeps the springs from migrating and “leaking” down into the foundation.

Caliber edge technology

  • Outer rows of coils are much firmer around the mattress for a supportive edge and creating a larger sleep surface.
  • By using firmer springs around the mattress instead of a 3” foam encasement (rail), more of the mattress can be used as the sleeping surface and it will retain its comfort from edge to edge.
  • Offers better support and durability than the traditional foam encased edge.
  • Improved air flow and breathability
  • Added flexibility on an adjustable bed

High-density layers of padding.

All mattresses have different types of foams to provide certain feels. This is what makes a firm bed firm and what makes a soft bed soft. These layers are for your comfort and support.

  • We only use high-density layers of padding. Whether it’s our super soft or extra firm layers of padding, we only use high quality, high-density foam padding.
  • The more dense foam is the more durable it typically is. Our premium foam padding is heavy, which is a good thing. It’s denser than what most brand name mattresses use, so less air can get in it over time and cause the breakdown of the foam.


  • 682 individually pocketed steel coils (tempered with heat and electricity)
  • Caliber edge technology
  • ½” medium firm foam
  • 1.5” high density super soft foam
  • 1.75” Super soft foam
  • 1.5” Super soft quilted cover
  • 20 year warranty